Nokia: connecting people, disconnecting workers

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Nokia: connecting people, disconnecting workers
Nokia: connecting people, disconnecting workers

IndustriAll, la confédération européenne des syndicats de l'industrie, se saisit du cas Nokia

"In its declaration, issued today, industriAll Europe vehemently opposes Nokia’s shareholder-oriented strategy.

IndustriAll Europe urges Nokia management to: 

  • Immediately stop all restructuring projects
  • Deliver a strategic industrial plan that will secure the long-term development of Nokia and enable its contribution to a digital Europe
  • Comply with its European and national legal obligations to inform and consult worker and trade union representatives, before taking any final decision

Over the last couple of years, Nokia has cut thousands of jobs across Europe, downsized key R&D capacities, reduced its European footprint and transferred activities to so-called ‘low-cost countries’, compromising on quality in the process. "



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